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About True Outdoors

At TRUE OUTDOORS, our vision is to be the best Outdoor Clothing and Gear store west of the Rockies. Sure, it's a big task, but we're used to tackling big challenges head on.

First off, we’re a local, family-owned business that understands our customers and our community.  No franchises or big box stores here!

Second, our staff are all True Outdoorsmen - and women - at heart. We accept nature's challenges, and relish her charms. Big walls, big powder, big water – we've been there. Quiet trails, serene paddles, moon-lit nights around the fire? Yep, done that too. It reminds us that at TRUE OUTDOORS we don't actually sell a product. We promote a lifestyle – and an incredibly rewarding one at that.

So how do we do that? By providing the best products, service and knowledge possible to support the communities in which we live and play. Because, deep down, we are all True to the Outdoors.

TRUE OUTDOORS. Your Journey starts here!

True Outdoors owners
True Outdoors owners