Corporate and Group Sales

Ken at Mallard Lodge

You love the quality and technology behind great outdoor gear – and you’d like to share that with your group or business.  Whether it’s clothing, footwear, or hard goods – whatever your needs, our team is here to help.  We can often customize products with company logos or branding as well.

TRUE OUTDOORS has worked with Post Secondary institutions, Private and Public Enterprises, Police and Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, Government Agencies, Outdoor clubs, and more.  

Give us a shout!  We’d love to work with you on your great idea.


Group Discounts

With larger orders, we are often able to negotiate a better price with suppliers, and can often get customization included depending on time frame.  Unlike Pro deals, we are also able to consolidate several different brands within a single order.

Shipping & Logistics

Working with suppliers, we can help coordinate delivery to you in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Price Quotes

TRUE OUTDOORS will provide a detailed quote, valid for 30 days, for any orders placed through our Group sales channel.  This quote will clearly outline any customization requests and all applicable discounts.